Taking care of the people who take care of the people

Combining Relational Coordination and Transformative Models of Organizational Change with ground level tactical assistance to hardwire work process interventions into practice.

About us

BricolageHT is a professional Practice Transformation Specialty consulting company, where the passion is in building workplace cultures and workflows which support diverse healthcare teams who care for people. We will coach, shift, shape, and inspire your workforce through relational coordination and structural interventions where each team member is empowered to work at their highest level of expertise.

Getting Lean Through Dialogue & Communication

Our Services

Merger and Acquisition Partnership (MAP) Talent & Knowledge Retention
Professional and Personal Lifestyle Coaching
Patient Care Workflow Optimization

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The level of commitment to our company has been unmatched. Susan is amazing and bringing people together, highly recommend! 

John S.

We have learned so much from Susan! Her coaching has helped us excel in ways that were beyond my expectations. Amazing!!

Kari N.

Asking the right questions, learning about ourselves and our staff. Susan’s approach has been a total game changer. Thank you Susan!

Mike C.

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